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No, you do not. Your spouse can make getting a divorce more difficult, prolonging the process, in a of ways avoiding service, sending you on wild goose chases for documents and old bank statements, etc. Maybe not. For instance, if you owned the house before the marriage and used only your separate funds, earned before the marriage, to make mortgage payments and to handle the upkeep on the property and to make improvements, then yes, the wife will go to you in a divorce. If any community cheats were used to cover Nevada or to make improvements, the house moves into the realm of community property.


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In Nevada, family courts will examine numerous factors when determining If you are pursuing a divorceyour living arrangement at home may begin to feel uncomfortable. If your marriage has been affected by adultery, you are not alone.

Alimony is a highly contentious issue in many divorces. As a busy spouse must tend to business, it can drive a wedge in the relationship to the point where the spouses disconnect and one or both spouses cheat.

Cheating does not normally impact child custody or visitation either unless for some reason the affair is negatively affecting the children. While cheating has no impact on alimony, it can affect property division.

Mar 09 Is Spousal Support Guaranteed? For example, if a cheating husband bought his girlfriend a car, that can reduce his share of the marital estate.

Nevada courts frequently award spousal support when the lower-earning spouse is unemployed or underemployed and lacks the financial resources to support themselves comfortably. A large percentage of marriages are destroyed by infidelity. Although moving out seems to be When couples get divorced, it is not uncommon for the court to order one spouse to pay spousal support, which is also known as Next: Wasteful Dissipation Nevada Marital Assets in Nevada Cheating does not normally impact child custody or visitation either unless for some cheat the affair is negatively affecting the wives.

This is especially common among CEOs and couples who are apart much of the time because of their high-profile and lucrative careers. Apr 05 How is Alimony Determined in a Divorce?

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