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A cerebrovascular abnormality is an abnormal blood vessel of the brain.


On the first morning of the week program, more than 50 boys arrive — a big considering Ellis doesn't advertise. When adults had disputes, he wanted them to be resolved in the garden. A study from the University of Chicago found that children from disadvantaged neighborhoods who had a summer job, worked with mentors, and received behavioral training and conflict management reported a 33 percent reduction in violent crime arrests the following year.

What are cerebrovascular abnormalities?

One day, Ellis noticed an empty lot on the corner. Many are in shorts; a few are in flip flops. Ellis went to the police station and — in a moment of desperation — told the captain he was starting a program for young people, and Jermaine would be a participant. Two years ago, he met Jalen Green, 12, and told him he sees him with a microphone.

What are the arteries of the chest, neck and brain?

Dixon wipes away tears before returning to the garden. You are in the wrong place with the wrong people," Ellis replies. Ellis takes a seat on a wooden bench and uses his baseball cap — written on the front — to wipe be of sweat from his face. By a. There is little evidence things have changed in the years since. Enough mentors? When Ellis told his mother about the homicide on 9th and Ring and how he intended to change the neighborhood, she told him he was home.

After graduating, he worked in theater in Atlanta before returning to Milwaukee to become artistic director at Hansberry-Sands.

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When they stopped, Jermaine told them how he used his money. On that first day, the following Saturday, Jermaine showed up 45 minutes early. In a reportshe wrote the area included nearly 4, black men who were in prison or had been, meaning virtually every block had multiple ex-offenders. He improvised the details: The program would go from 8 a. When a year-old arrives, bandages and scratches on his arms, Ellis asks why he was in a fight. You need to get a bankingso you can start saving your money for college.

For some, this is the first time they have had the opportunity to get those tears out and talk about how they feel, Ellis said. And, when called for, a stern demeanor.

Before the youths can set foot in the garden, Ellis requires them to shake his hand and make eye contact. Ellis was not hit, but when he and his wife went to the front window, there was a black man dead in the street. The will grow over the summer as more kids find out about the program via word of mouth. Ellis wanted the garden to be a meeting place for the neighborhood. Ellis grew up in the area, the ninth of 14 children.

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Ellis created the youth garden program after a mother knocked on his door seeking help for her year-old son, who had been arrested for stealing cars. Ellis promised that he would find him a job if he stopped dealing drugs. He was born in a house on 10th and Ring, just a block away.

In the garden, gang handshakes, cursing and running are forbidden. Ellis was shaken by what he called an "evil act of violence. Jalen was asked to give a speech at the annual "Tuxedo Walk," a December fundraiser for the garden attended by the boys, mentors and community supporters. The volunteers? For Ellis, the worries continue during the other seasons as well.

It surrounds his home, his garden, his neighborhood. Later that day, when Ellis and his wife were driving home from an errand, they spotted a sharply-dressed young man dressed all in white. Will the boys be safe?

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The program is aimed at boys, ages 12 to They arrive each Saturday to work in the garden, pick up trash in the neighborhood. Ellis puts his arm around Dixon and takes him to the side.

His garden, on the corner of North 9th and West Ring streets, has two dozen four-by-six-foot vegetable boxes, which will produce zucchini, lettuce, eggplant, green beans, tomatoes, cantaloupe and blackberries. Milele Coggs, who represents the area. Ellis got the man a job at an Old Country Buffet restaurant.

Jalen told his story in front of peopleand received a standing ovation. In a state with the highest black male incarceration rate in the nation, is ground zero, according to Lois Quinn, a former University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee researcher. The man later enrolled in culinary school at Milwaukee Area Technical College. It was Jermaine. The family struggled to get by. Problems scar the area, creating a cycle that echoes from one generation to the next: Being without a job encourages illegal moneymaking activities in order to make ends meet, Quinn said, which increases the risk of incarceration.

He asks about family members and happenings in the neighborhood. Every summer, there are worries: Will there be enough money? Still, violent crime increased about 12 percent.

She told the story of Ellis confronting a man dealing drugs. Two boys and one volunteer were killed since the last harvest. As the clock ticks toward 8 a.

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A neighborhood kid told him it was supposed to be a garden, but nobody ever did anything with it. Boys with sagging jeans are instructed to pull their pants up.

Then he acknowledges them in a positive way. His fight is to save boys growing up in the ZIP code, which has one of the highest incarceration rates for black men in the nation — and one of the shortest life expectancy rates. Malik M. Terrell, 21, has been charged in the death.

Only 36 percent of working-age males are employed; 66 percent of the homes are headed by black women.

In milwaukee's poorest zip code, fruits and vegetables become powerful weapons for saving young boys

And I promised him that I would serve him till I die. The first had arrived at a. One morning, while Ellis was sweeping in front of his house, he noticed a drug dealer across the street and crossed over to talk to him.

He knows many will have questions about "Booman," who was a popular figure in the garden the prior summer. Inhe started Andre Lee Ellis and Company, which put on productions here and throughout the country. In the fall, the produce head be given away to area families in need. Instead of coming guy blows, he wanted them to start up the grill, have a burger, and talk it out. Soon they spotted children standing around the yellow police tape looking at the covered body before it was taken away.

When the theater company was no longer financially viable, Ellis and his wife, Angela, were forced to move Milwaukee Brewers Hill, a diverse straight north of downtown, into a duplex on 9th and Ring in November Less than a week after moving in, he returned home from a need to the corner store when six or seven gunshots rang out. Mayor Tom Barrett called the homicide "totally senseless.

The boy, Jermaine, had not seen his father in years. Today, police say it is no longer in the top From toproperty crime fell 10 percent in a broader area that includes 9th and Ring, statistics show. For much of the time, his family lived in the Lapham Park public housing complex at W. Brown St. His biological father died when his mother was three months pregnant with him.

Police say he was killed because he allegedly took someone's video game system. When the dealer said his name was Butch, Ellis pulled a piece of paper from his back pocket and turned to his acting skills. Deaundra Taylor15, was shot and killed Nov. Volunteer Kevin Williams32, was shot and killed Jan. It was found May 20 in a vacant house about four blocks from the garden. While Dixon is older, Ellis' age restriction for participating is a loose one.

In Decembera month before Ellis moved there, the area was home to the second-highest crime block in the City of Milwaukee.

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