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The short story Old Man at the Bridge by Ernest Hemingway wholly demonstrates the vicious repercussions of war on disinterested innocents.

His whole life revolved around his animals and his hometown. All the refugees of that area were crossing the bridge to protect themselves from the impending attack by the enemy troops. Loving this Very helpful even though question which r tough are seem to be easy all u have to do is to open this site and work book and simply copy. What do the incidents in the story show about the consequences of the war. This is a very helpful sights This helps me a lot in understanding the whole story nd helps memin writting the story in simpls nd easy word thank you a lot This was so helpful while preparing for my exams thank you so much!

Extract II. He did not look like a shepherd…. He had already traveled twelvekilometers, so he was too tired to go any further. He was on a mission to cross the bridge and find out how far the enemy had advanced. How does the old man react to it?

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The old man gives meaning to his life by taking care of his animals, but the war takes away everything from him. Describe his physical appearance. In what condition is he? Neither the old peasant nor the war is identified by name in the story, for the idea of the tragic sacrifices of uninvolved men in every war is universal. What forced him to do so? He had already walked about 12 kilometres from his hometown, San Carlos, and was weary and exhausted. The young soldier was on a mission to cross the bridge and find out how far the enemy had advanced. A bridge that is made of large hollow containers filled with air is called a pontoon bridge.

What kind of relationship did he share with them? Where is the old man sitting? Although the old man got up and tried to move, he swayed and teetered. Use the form below! He left the animals behind in his native town of San Carlos.

What does he answer? The narrator asked the old man where he came from.

He finally reed himself to his fate and the imminent doom. Can you please publish all chapter's answers for MSB and Beeta publications? Old man is He. He is in a weary condition as he has already walked twelve kilometers and too tired to move further. Why are many people crossing the bridge? The soldier asked the old man where he came from. The old man replied that he was from Sans Carlos. The old man is more concerned for the safety of his animals than for his own safety.

The old man was the last to leave because he was taking care of his animals.

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His face was grey and dusty. The place is 12kilometers from San Carlos in Spain. The officer asked the old man about his political loyalty and he replied that had no politics. The place referred to is a war zone at a pontoon bridge across the Ebro river.

Like other innocent civilians what matters to the old man is his home and animals rather than politics. Please continue to give such good notes. The cat being a symbol of independence, does not need anybody to survive, but the goat is often used as a sacrificial animal and this probably represents the old man and his situation.

The short story, narrated by a nameless soldier, sensitively portrays the sorry plight of the refugees who are displaced by war. In San Carlos, he owned two goats, a cat and some pigeons which he had to leave behind because of the artillery. It would prove helpful. What was he doing in San Carlos? Moreover his clothes are dusty and his San has turned grey. He mentions his age along with the fact that he had already walked twelvekilometers to reflect the extent of his weariness. Old Man at the Bridge. He was just taking care of his animals without harming anybody just Carlos any other ordinary individual unconcerned with the ongoing war.

What all animals did he wanted The old man was too tired to go any farther because he had already walked twelve kilometers since he left his hometown, San Carlos. What is the mature question that the narrator asks the old man? Just a few mistakes but still its good. The animals were his family; he loved them and cared for them so much that separating from them made him feel that he had lost his reason for existence. The animals stand for different qualities. The narrator advised the old man to cross the bridge and catch a truck towards Barcelona. When he was told to move to safety in view of the advancing enemy troops, he was worried about the safety of his animals and wanted to remain with them.

Extract III. Why does he mention his age? He had two goats, a cat and four pairs of pigeons. I am reading this at the lady moment!!

The old man epitomises the victims of war- men, women and children who had to leave their home and their normal life as victims of a war with which they have nothing to do. He sits alone by the side of the road; he is as helpless as his goats; he cannot escape and is too old and tired to save himself. He appeared weak and exhausted. The old man wore steel rimmed spectacles; his clothes were black and dusty and his face had turned grey from dust.

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The old man wore dusty clothes and steel rimmed spectacles. Who is referred to as He in the extract above? Extract I. There was a pontoon bridge across the river…. It is very helpful. The seventy-six-year-old man wore black dusty clothes and his face was dusty grey. We, along with the young soldier, arrive at the painful realisation that the old man will not be able to move on and will probably die at the bridge. I being a big knowledge seeker has got stunning opportunity to help others. What does the narrator give to the old man?

Treasure trove a collection of icse short stories workbook answers chapter 2 old man at the bridge

It helps me in studying. After the soldier had scanned the region for any of the enemy troops, he noticed an old man still sitting at the pontoon bridge. What did he do with the animals? The pigeons, for example, represent peace and harmony and the fact that they fly away, away from the war, maybe is a reference to the refugees who flee from the war to a safer place.

Why is it not advisable to halt there? The Spanish civil war forms the background to the story and Hemingway depicts that how in times of war man acts inhumanly to his own race. He wore steel-rimmed spectacles which suggested that he was neither a shepherd nor a herdsman. Therefore, even after the soldier had advised him to flee, the old man did not move. Why is the old man the last one to leave his town? In San Carlos, he was taking care of his animals.

Workbook/textbook solution of treasure trove of short stories - old man at the bridge

The narrator, the young soldier, advised the old man to cross the pontoon bridge to save himself from the impending assault of the advancing enemies. So, he sat down again in the dust as he was too tired to move. War causes and death and destruction, and this is highlighted through the condition of the old man who can be seen as the symbol of civilian victims of war. Why is he there?

Why does the old man smile?

Who is the speaker in the above extract? The unnamed narrator, who is an army scout is the speaker. The story is set during the Spanish Civil war and people are crossing the bridge to protect themselves from the impending attack by the enemy troops. What is a pontoon bridge?

They heavy firing from the enemy forced him to do so.

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