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Already the Internet provides more ability to target than many media, such as broadcast, cable or print; only direct mail, telemarketing and direct sales provide more.

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The weaknesses of the personal computer as a multimedia vehicle, combined with inadequate access bandwidth, mean that the production values achievable in Web marketing lag other media ificantly. It is more difficult to tune out a well- executed TV or radio spot than to ignore a good banner ad.

It is as though an advertiser could enable a print reader to touch the of a wordless "branding" ad and instantly receive a mail packet of the appropriate product brochures, specifications, competitive comparisons and local dealer contact. Today only telesales can compete.

Traditionally, marketing operated under the assumption that the prospect could be led through a progressive process of information disclosure and purchase commitment. More importantly, a new urgency is created - at every moment, the prospect is free to abandon the process. For example, the Amazon site has a better ability to pick up a "conversation" about a problem with the book ordered last week than do most humans working at a chain bookstore. While direct sales and telesales provide these options, the Internet enables the "permission" decision to be made at lower cost to the vendor and with less inconvenience to the customer.

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How will advances in technology and increased usage affect the Internet's capability for marketing? The business insights you need to succeed. Database marketers, for example, have made a woman of the "closed loop," in which programs are conceived and executed against a database that has been segmented using analytical profiling and predictive applications. The Internet is already an important, 13669 perhaps transformational, marketing looking for business-to-business and business-to-consumer markets.

Executives and entrepreneurs must understand how and why this is so by answering these questions: How does the Web compare to traditional marketing vehicles? Thus, we must de our marketing communications for access under customer control. For example, the inconvenience associated with walking out of a store at the moment of purchase, "upsetting" the sales clerk, is completely absent.

Only the beer vendor at the ballpark for as powerful an ability to raise awareness and execute the sale in one fluid motion! Companies attempting to build a coherent Internet marketing strategy must begin to believe that the Web is likely to be the center of their marketing future, not simply an adjunct fun traditional marketing methods.

Granting autonomy without losing control 2.

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More PwC insights. Three likely changes could make the Internet the medium with the greatest ability to target. Maintaining an accessible recollection of these interactions actually allows an exchange between the user and a Web site to continue for some time, spanning the time delays of the physical world.

New skills. Content Saved The item has been saved. Recommended Stories. Reprint No. Reviews and mentions of publications, products, or services do not constitute endorsement or recommendation for purchase. A customer can move easily from initial awareness through purchase. Societal norms for acceptable privacy policy will develop as consumers demonstrate by their actions which targeting information and techniques they see as "net positive.

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There was an error. He or she can dig deeper, or leap to a competitor's site, in a single click.

The database and even the applications are then updated to reflect the actual performance of the particular marketing program. Giving CFOs more power in the marketing ecosystem. Today, only the expensive direct marketing methods - direct mail, telesales and direct sales - can serve easily as a foundation for quantitative marketing learning. While direct sales and telesales offer the ability to present a timely message, the Internet is vastly superior to all other media in the capacity to deliver messages that are not only timely, but immediately relevant to the recently displayed interests or actions of the customer.

Valerie schneller

All rights reserved. Internet and e-mail offer outstanding interactivity, comparable to direct sales at a fraction of the cost per contact. There are criteria that characterize the applicability and power of any marketing medium, whether we define marketing abstractly as the "conception, creation and sustenance" of customers, or more pragmatically as a "purposeful system of activities intended to promote the market exchange of goods or services. Practically, this means seeking the customer's permission to begin and then continue a dialogue that will extend beyond one sales transaction.

It is likely that increased ease of use and consumer familiarity will make the Internet the most interactive of marketing media. The Internet offers a startling set of advantages as a marketing medium. Both the Web and the closely associated technology of e-mail will eventually provide extraordinary ability to target in both business-to-business and business-to-customer markets. The Internet offers unique power here.

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Customer service is not customer experience and vice versa. It is also proving to be an excellent vehicle for conventional market and customer research. Marketers need to begin now an active exploration of their key initiatives in light of where and how to apply the Internet's power. How noisy is your company?

While broadband access, PC improvements, and Internet appliances will inevitably address this issue, it will be at least three years before a mass market emerges that can experience TV- or magazine-quality communications over the Web with reasonable performance. Many marketers believe that this inability to span the complete A. Consumers who have been motivated to continue in the purchase process are "lost" when they fail to navigate to the next step, which requires engagement in a new medium "pick up your phone now and call".

The Global Private Equity Responsible Investment Survey explores the views of global private equity firms on responsible investment. What relationship will emerge between the Web as marketing medium and traditional vehicles?

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Please see www. For example, advertising can lead a consumer to action, but cannot generally consummate it. Using the Web and e-mail, we can run awareness advertising, send targeted mail, fulfill collateral requests, conduct a seminar, drive a public relations campaign and offer a premium for an immediate action. Interactive profiling and mass customization technologies will mature from their currently raw state to deliver consumer experiences that will seem more personal than most other marketing media or sales contacts.

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The end user can easily navigate his or her way to more and more detailed information and toward a closer relationship with the supplier. Measuring traditional advertising and public relations, for example, relies on subjective assessment and sampling techniques such as Nielsen ratings, which are both expensive and of doubtful usefulness in the smaller segments that characterize so many markets. Technology advances, consumer familiarity and vendor innovation will inevitably drive both marketing programs and customer interaction to center on the Internet. Are we having fun at work yet?

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As a medium, the Web has quickly achieved very broad reach, and will soon pass broadcast and cable television as the medium with the broadest consistent reach. Companies grappling with the issue of whether to market via the Internet are already behind. But the Internet has weak points as well that must be considered. On the Web, this illusion is destroyed - the customer is in control. Why corporate purpose statements often miss their mark 3. up No, thanks. The urgent need for sophisticated leadership 5.

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